What Can I Buy in Boston's Seaport?

So what can you get for $300,000 to $450,000 in the Boston Seaport? Actually, you get quite a bit – at around $500 per square foot, your dollar goes far in the Seaport.

There are currently four Seaport condos on the market (three immediately available) that fall into the price range. Two of the condos are part of the Court Square Press condo development (considered more South Boston than Seaport District), one deeper in the district on 2nd Street, and one being part of the May 2008 ready FP3 Boston development.

Boston Seaport Condos

The Boston Seaport District is a hot area for new developments, and only a short walk into the Financial District and an under 10-minute walk to Boston’s South Station. The Seaport is offering good value for your money, and some attractive loft and condo options.

Court Square Press Condo Development


  1. David Bethoney says:

    I currently live in NYC but if I were to move to Boston (my ultimate home), I would definitely be purchasing a condo in the seaport district. I know a ton of people who are looking at this option. I also think that the pricing is pretty attractive right now, as you mention. I bought my first condo in Seattle and I can tell you it looked nothing like the condo pictured above and it was in the same price range.

  2. Boston Condo Guy says:

    There’s a lot of value to be had in the Seaport District, and in our opinion, only more to come. In addition to several existing (rather new) developments, there are several on the way (FP3 included), and other buildings that are prime for renovation and conversion. The Seaport District offers very attractive housing options, along with pricing, that you see from areas immediately adjacent to heavily congested downtown spaces.

  3. ItalianCeltic says:

    Looks cozy aka. small. Boston is still 30% over valued.