Hamersley's Bistro and Atelier 505 Two of a Kind

It’s no surprise that a stone’s throw from one of the South End’s most upscale condo developments, Atelier 505, sits one of the South End’s most coveted French restaurants, Hamersley’s Bistro. The two are similar on many counts, along with several distinctions.

Condos at Atelier 505 mimic the availability of tables at Hamersley’s. There are currently two units for sale at Atelier 505 (see PDF for more details), priced from $940,000 to $1,495,000. A table at Hamersley’s Bistro seems just as rare with coveted weekend time slots filling up weeks in advance, and larger parties without reservations being turned away at the door. Price per square foot at Atelier, and menu prices at Hamersley’s, are high for the overall area, but commensurate with your expectations. Ambiance, quality, and experience are stellar at both establishments. You’ll be greeted at the doors with a warm welcome, however, the wait staff at Hamersley’s is perhaps a touch on the pretentious side.

Atelier, being a French word, is pronounced differently than it looks. There’s an emphasis on the first letter (sounding like the doctor placing a small wooden stick on your tongue and asking you to say “ahhh”), and the last letter, “r”, is not pronounced, as the word finishes with the sound of you pronouncing the letter “a”. Atelier means craftsman’s workshop or studio.

Both the condo development, and the Bistro, are worth a look. We can’t get you a reservation at Hamersley’s, but we can get you an appointment to see the available units at Atelier 505. Use the Contact Us link at the top of this page for more information.

Hamersley's Bistro Boston South End

Atelier 505