Atelier 505 Boston South End Luxury Condos

2007 has seen a fair amount of action at one of the luxury anchor properties in the South End, Atelier 505. 11 units sold in the building, 2 are currently for sale, and 1 is under agreement – a steady 15% turnover rate in the 103-unit building.

Price per square foot (of the sold properties) in the building ranged from $690 to $982, quite a large range, accounted namely by inclusion of parking and outdoor space in some units versus others.

More information can be found on the two available units in the attached PDF file (see Atelier 505 available units 3.36 MB). Additionally, we have recently posted further background information on the South End ultra-luxury development on the following page: South End Atelier 505.


  1. Tyler Moxley says:

    What type of homes are you seeing overseas investors purchasing? I dont see a lot of Euro investors, but more Asian investors. It’s a great long term investment time now, as long as investors purchase the right product.

  2. Boston Condo Guy says:

    Downtown city center properties continue to hold their value based on supply and demand principles (Boston and other cities alike), especially in the higher-end properties. City Center homes, mainly condos, represent a different market than suburb-based housing (oftentimes these two markets are erroneously combined and commented upon as a single entity).

    In addition to the core of the city, Boston has several areas that we focus on with investors, or those that would like to make a “good investment”, namely, the Seaport District, and what we call “northern South Boston”.