Ten Inexpensive Home Upgrades

Today’s consumer is smart and savvy, thrifty and well-educated and knows that when it comes time to sell their home, there is no need to spend major bucks on upgrades.

The top ten inexpensive upgrades that are essential when it comes time to make those mini changes prior to listing a home are really quite simple and the most obvious to prospective buyers.

1. Make that kitchen sizzle. Add a new faucet, snazzy cabinet door handles, fun and fresh light fixtures that use energy efficient bulbs, resurface cabinet doors and countertops if need be, add contrasting paint colors to walls, hang food-themed vintage pictures or unique culinary wall art on a blank wall.

2. Upgrade old appliances. Not only is this pleasing to a potential buyer and an expense they won’t have to deal with in the future, upgrading to Energy Star energy efficient appliances means a lower electric bill and that you, the seller are into being ‘green’.

3. Spruce up the bath. By adding a fresh coat of paint, a nostalgic pedestal sink and faucet, new seat for the commode, and new shower curtain can make all the difference. Replace chipped ceramic tiles in the shower and if necessary a complete prefabricated and professionally installed shower can be less expensive than re-tiling and entire tub and shower combo.

4. Don’t forget the flooring. Be sure to check out the floor in which one walks upon. Whether it be ceramic tile, hardwood or laminate flooring, or carpeting it is imperative that the floor is cleaned by the homeowner or by a professional when it comes to carpeting prior to listing. It’s not necessary to replace the entire flooring unless it is hideous and recommended by your real estate professional.

5. Clean it up. Nothing can be worse than a realtor showing a property that has dirty clothes lying on the floor, a filthy bathroom and kitchen with dishes piled in the sink. Make your home sparkle and display it as though it were a model home.

6. Turn it up. Lighting creates a mood and adds ambiance. In addition having fixtures that accentuate this can create an essence of drama especially if wanting to emphasize a particular area in a room or if wanting to draw the eye using light to a sculpture or piece of art.

7. Space. Do you have enough? Closet space is essential and often there is not enough room to store items. By adding shelving to existing closets and pantry’s makes spaces more functional and appears to the potential buyer as though it were customized.

8. Call the plumber. Call the electrician. Leaky faucets? Tripped outlets? These items need to be addressed as well and can be checked for a minimal fee.

9. Check the front door. Does it need to be spiffed up a bit with a coat of paint, stain, or varnish? Does the trim need a coat as well? Or worse, are there dents in the frame, the door itself that indicate a need for replacement? If so, now’s the time to do so. Adding large planters with inviting and colorful plants on either side of the door are pleasing to a buyer and are part of the curb appeal.

10. You only get one chance. To make that first impression, that is. Curb appeal is what attracts potential buyers to your property. By having a nicely manicured lawn, with a few tailored shrubs and plants can really impact a person’s perception of a property and of the community that surrounds.