Tips for Freshening Up Your Home's Exterior

Have the winter blahs got you down? Does the exterior of your Boston home look less than stellar? If so, then join the many other sellers out there who are looking to spruce up their homes and get them sold as the spring months approach.

Luckily, there are a great number of things you can do to spruce up a tired-looking exterior and garner some attention from home buyers!

  1. Freshen up your flower and plant beds by giving them a fresh layer of mulch. Many people are quite surprised to find that this simple chore can make their landscape look so much better. Mulching your beds is also one of the most inexpensive improvements you can make to your landscape, so take advantage of this cost-saving improvement.
  2. Trim back any dead branches or leaves. Nothing can make a landscape more worn and tired than dead branches and leaves. So grab your pruners and head outside to take care of cutting back any dead areas and revel in your renewed landscape.
  3. Decorate your front door with a seasonal wreath. A colorful wreath is the easiest way to set the mood and to welcome buyers into your home. It also creates a warm, inviting feeling, thereby exciting buyers to view your home.
  4. Arrange a few colorful containers of perennials on your front porch. Choose containers of various sizes and place them together in groupings to provide a strong, visual impact. Nothing says spring more than colorful flowers!
  5. Take care of your outdoor living spaces by sweeping up, cleaning the furniture and adding colorful throw pillows and areas rugs. Add lush greenery to the corners and add small accessories, such as candles, to finish it off and make it look like a comfortable, welcoming space.
  6. Give your exterior trim a fresh coat of paint or consider repointing your building (the latter would most likely involve a condo association vote). Consider painting your front door or shutters. Simply by adding a fresh coat of paint you can turn a tired-looking condo or home into a fresh, updated one.