Massachusetts Realtor Fees & Real Estate Agent Commission Rates

As Massachusetts home sellers begin to contemplate whether to sell their home, invariably one of the first things that come into their minds is Massachusetts Realtor commission fees. Real estate broker fees can significantly impact the bottom line for a seller and represent a material component to the amount of money a property owner walks away with after a successful sale.

Real estate agent fees and the concept of a real estate commission percentage can be nebulous. Sellers consistently have questions like:

  • What’s the average real estate commission?
  • Is there a standard real estate agent commission?
  • What is the real estate agent fee when selling?
  • Is there a typical Massachusetts real estate commission?

Each one of these questions is a good one, and frankly, natural to ask.  With real estate commission percentages where they are at in the US, it’s important to take into account their impact on a sale.

What does that mean?

For illustration purposes, on the sale of a $409,000 home, with 6% being paid as real estate broker fees, the seller will pay $24,540 in Realtor fees – therefore,  the property owner is more accurately selling at $384,460 (after taking into consideration the typical real estate commission).

You can learn more about the average Massachusetts Realtor fees, how real estate brokerages establish their real estate commission rate, and gain insight into exactly who pays the Massachusetts real estate agent fees by further exploring real estate agent commissions.


  1. Valerie Oestreich says:

    We don’t have a REALTOR yet. But have a buyer with a REALTOR. We said what we wanted for house for it over compared with other properties in the same area. They’re wanted to take $20,000 off because it is on a busy road, but we said it depends on how you look at the closest to the express way. And it is always plowed first in the winter. Then he wants us to pay his commission of 2%. When he is working for buyer not we would end up 7,000 less than what we wanted for house. We are getting a layer for P.S.. We want to have the buyer pay for their own REALTOR. Help us!

    • Typically the total realtor fees are 6% which pays 3% & 3%. 3% for the seller’s realtor fee/commission and 3% for their realtor fees. The seller always pays these fees, so if you don’t have a realtor and you’re only getting charged 2% then you’re saving 4% on the total value of your home not losing 2% of your value. Don’t higher a realtor if you’re getting fair value for your home or above the current value then go for it. You can compare homes in your area that are comparable that have sold in the last 3 months to get a good idea. If you higher a realtor you would have to make an additional 4% in the total value to brake even at this point. Just food for thought…

  2. Valerie Oestreich says:

    The REALTOR said he was going to work with us so the buyers get this house that they love. BUT it is like he is working more for them than us. We want to get what we wanted for house. Yes will work with buyers but, not give the house away. And pay for their own REALTOR commission out of our final amount???