How to FSBO Boston Massachusetts

With the potential to save thousands of dollars in real estate commissions, Boston and Massachusetts property owners are beginning to investigate how to sell by owner. With a for sale by owner (FSBO) approach to selling, Massachusetts homeowners are listing their own homes in the MLS without a Realtor and are eliminating at least half of Boston real estate agent commission fees – more and more sellers are learning how to FSBO Boston Massachusetts!

Selling Your Massachusetts FSBO Tips

Home sellers interested in selling a Massachusetts home without a Realtor must follow a checklist, including:

  • For Sale by Owner preparation
  • List, market, and promote your home like a pro
  • Access and understand Massachusetts real estate paperwork
  • Close your Massachusetts FSBO transaction

Massachusetts Flat Fee MLS for FSBOs

The internet enabled multiple listing service (MLS) is the cornerstone of any Massachusetts FSBO. When selling a home without a Realtor, property exposure is key, and the best way to drive FSBO exposure is via a listing in the MLS. A reputable and technologically advanced Massachusetts flat fee MLS listing service can list a FSBO in the MLS for a one-time flat fee.

Here’s an example of the costs involved in listing a home with a flat fee MLS listing service like Entry Only New England versus selling with a traditional real estate listing broker.

This real life example demonstrates a $395,000 home listed for sale with versus listing that same home with a traditional real estate brokerage.

Assume that for the entry only listing, you have decided to compensate a Buyer’s Agent (i.e. a licensed real estate agent representing the buyer of your home) 2.5%, and assume that for the traditional real estate brokerage listing you are being charged a 5% commission that the listing brokerage will split in half between themselves and the brokerage representing the buyer.

FSBO Massachusetts Flat Fee MLS Entry Only Listing Example

How to Sell Boston by Owner

In the example above with a $395,000 home, a Massachusetts FSBO would gain an additional $9,580 by selling their home without a Realtor using an entry only listing with versus listing for sale with a traditional real estate brokerage.