W Boston Condos Onsite Sales Center Opens

Recently, the W Boston Condos announced the opening of their on-site sales center that will welcome potential buyers to the newly opened 28-story iconic glass hotel and condo tower in Boston’s Theatre District.  What’s the significance of this?  Potential buyers will no longer need to visit the original sales center located in a low-rise office building on Newbury Street in Boston’s Back Bay, a far cry from the Theatre District, and ultimately, a situation that created a struggle for listing agency Otis & Ahearn to truly give clients an accurate feel for the luxe living experience of the W brand.

A sales center inside a development, rather than across town or down the street in a different structure, is something a condo developer wants as early in the development sales cycle as possible.  A condominium developer wants to have a model unit finished as quickly as possible so that they can help buyers envision their living experience for what it will actually be.  The trouble is, the construction process most oftentimes cannot accommodate the buildout of a complete unit in the midst of hard hat construction everywhere else.  And that said, marketing firms like Otis & Ahearn that are marketing the condos at the W are stuck trying to make the best of a situation, trying to sell a product with models and a showroom that aren’t entirely representative of the end product, and involves shuttling highly qualified buyers to the development site to do hard hat tours during specific hours of the day to not disrupt mainstream construction (arguably, the time constraints are more of a safety concern than anything else).

With the launch of the Boston W Condos on-site sales center, sales velocity at the ultra-luxury development, where units range in size and price from studios to three-bedrooms starting at $400,000 to over $4,000,000, should begin to accelerate.  According to LINK, one of the city’s two Boston MLS systems, only 11 of the 123 condos at the W have sold (9%).  With the addition of the on-site sales center presence, giving buyers the ability to touch and feel the real product and tour the building all under one roof, Sawyer Enterprises, the developer behind the hip new building, is poised to make a strong sales push in the summer of 2010.

W Boston Condos Opens Sales Center

The Clarendon Brings Unique Living to Back Bay

If the Boston W Hotel construction site has done anything for the Boston skyline, it has shown Bostonians how quickly a 25+ story tower can be constructed, and the Clarendon Back Bay, a 33-story structure adjacent to the John Hancock Tower has been no exception to a speedy ascent.  Approximately 2 years ago, the Clarendon construction site was simply a large hole in the ground, and to see it today in its almost completed facade is a testament to the innovative construction techniques, including construction both up and down at the same time, used on the job site (see Clarendon Back Bay Plywood Siding).

The building, essentially the first and only large-scale tower condo development in the Back Bay, has come a long way since late 2007 and the early stages of construction (for early construction site photos, see The Clarendon Back Bay Says Me Too!, or look even further back with additional photos, see Clarendon Back Bay Condos Looking Up).

Similar to, but taking a slightly different tact than, the Mandarin Oriental and the Boston W, which both have luxury hotel rooms on their lower floors, the Clarendon Back Bay will have luxury rental apartments (a rental development called One Back Bay) on the first 14 floors of the building.  Accessed via a separate entrance on the Clarendon Street side of the development.  Apartments in the building will boast similar but separate amenities to the for-sale condos above and carry monthly rental prices of $2,695 for a studio to $7,500 for a two-bedroom two-bathroom.

The for-sale luxury condominiums (commonly known as the Clarendon Back Bay) has its separate entrance and lobby on the Stuart Street side of the building, specifically at 400 Stuart Street.  Both Boston MLS systems show units continuing to go under agreement at the luxury condo development, which will be housed on the upper floors of the building – thus, sales at the Clarendon appear strong.  Listings have been consistently advertised at an average of approximately $1,200 per square foot with listing prices ranging from $695,000 to over $4,000,000.

Post 390, the “urban tavern” restaurant which will anchor the corner of the building is currently slated to open in 22 days. The name is a play on the address (390 Stuart Street) and the Back Bay Post Office that once stood on the site. The restaurant, from the owners of Grill 23 & Bar and Harvest, will bring some additional interest and traffic to the building before the building above Post 390 receive occupancy.

Combined with the Back Bay Orange Line transit station (providing T, Commuter Rail, Amtrak, local bus, and regional bus (Mega Bus for instance)) just one block away, the Clarendon Back Bay development brings together a host of living options and amenities in a single package.

One Back Bay Rentals

Clarendon Back Bay

One Back Bay Rental Entrance

Clarendon Back Bay Condo Entrance

Clarendon Back Bay Condo Entrance

Clarendon Back Bay

Post 390 Restaurant Back Bay

Clarendon Back Bay

W Boston Goes from Big Hole to Shiny Facade

It was just over a year and a half ago that 100 Stuart Street was a large hole, the soon to be site of the Boston W Hotel & Condos (see Boston W Hotel & Condos Construction Photos).  Previously an open-air single-level parking lot that served Boston’s Theatre District, the site had been slated for the development of a hotel and luxury condos for years – the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) originally approved the proposed hotel in June of 2001, then known as the Loews Hotel Project.

Boston W Hotel Construction Site - January 2008

It was less than a year later on October 24, 2008 that the W Boston put the final piece of steel in place and the development “topped off”.  The development is now quickly approaching the October 2009 launch of the hotel, and Buyers are anticipating the opening of condos late this year and early 2010 in the multiple-phased rollout of luxury condos.  The Boston W is a $200 million mixed-use project, which includes a 235-room hotel, 123 residential condos, retail, restaurant and spa use, and 142 underground parking spaces.  Condos at the W are currently price from $430,000 – $4,550,000.

Boston W Hotel Construction Site - July 2009

W Hotel Boston Condo Photos

Exterior work at the Boston W Hotel & Condos mixed use development has shown great advances over the past several months, with the steel structure being topped off quite quickly. The glass and steel structure inserts a very unique feel to the area at the corners of Stuart and Tremont Streets (100 Stuart Street Boston, MA 02116 will be the development address), and continues on pace to be delivered to hotel guests and residents later this year.  Reservations are currently being taken for units, for planning purposes, overall price points will be similar to new full-service luxury buildings such as the Intercontinental ($900+ per square foot) and the Clarendon Back Bay ($1,100+ per square foot).  Condos at the W will begin on the 16th floor, and top out at the 28th floor penthouse. The approximate 235 hotel rooms will be on lower floors, garnering condo residents preferential city views. Floors 16 through 27 will house 9 to 10 units per floor, including an occasional 520 square foot studio unit, while the penthouse level will be home to 5 generously sized condos.

New exclusive photos of the Boston W development are below.

Boston W Hotel & Condos

Boston W Hotel & Condos Boston W Hotel & Condos

Boston W Hotel & Condos Looking up Tremont Street

Boston W Hotel & Condos and Wang Theater

W Boston Residences Update

With construction of the Boston W Hotel & Condos moving quickly (see exclusive video below), the developer’s sales center has recently opened its doors, and is now ramping up its staff to accommodate interested Buyers – please contact us to setup an appointment.

On Tuesday, October 14, 2008, with the final piece of steel being put in place, the “topping off” ceremony marked the end of steel construction on the Boston Hotel and Residences – work with now continue on the facade and interior.

Unlike some of the other high-end developments in the city, the developer of the W Boston Residences has decided to immediately release all units in the building for sale under preconstruction pricing (most oftentimes, you will see a phased release of units into the market). Bear in mind that (preconstruction) prices will tend to fluctuate as residences are sold, and rather than releasing a price list to the public, unit prices are provided as interest in specific residences is shown through sales center appointments. For planning purposes, you can assume that overall price points will be similar to new full-service luxury buildings such as the Intercontinental ($900+ per square foot) and the Clarendon Back Bay ($1,100+ per square foot).

Construction is still on track for a Fall 2009 completion. Condos at the W will begin on the 16th floor, and top out at the 28th floor penthouse. The approximate 235 hotel rooms will be on lower floors, garnering condo residents preferential city views. Floors 16 through 27 will house 9 to 10 units per floor, including an occasional 500+ square foot studio unit, while the penthouse level will be home to 5 generously sized condos, 3 of which will offer commanding views.

Exclusive W Boston Residences Update

Inquiries and interest continue to grow for the Boston W Hotel and Condos, an under construction mixed-use condo development scheduled to open in late 2009. By clicking on the ‘Boston W Hotel Condos’ tag above, you will gain access to all blog posts on the W Boston Condos – we’ve assembled some of the most exclusive photos of the condo development thus far, from panoramic views of the early construction site, to bird’s eye shots that provide unique views not seen anywhere else.

The Boston W development team is currently in the process of finalizing condominium documents, construction of a sales center that will house a model kitchen and bathroom, and preconstruction pricing for the studio, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom residences. Get more exclusive information and photos by clicking on the below hyperlink.

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Boston W Hotel and Condos

Summer 2008 is putting us in the midst of multiple large-scale condo construction projects, including the Clarendon Back Bay, Avenir (rental), and the Boston W Hotel and Condos. The Boston W has risen out of a large hole in the ground in Boston’s Theatre District (see Boston W Hotel & Condos Construction Photos), and has now climbed almost eight stories tall.

W Hotel Boston Construction

You can see by the exclusive photos here that the W Hotel Boston will offer some bold and sharp building lines. The luxury condo-hotel building, poised to bring the Theatre District upwards of 120+ condos, is currently scheduled for an August 2009 opening. Until now, One Charles has had the luxury condo market cornered in this neck of the woods. The Boston W Hotel (and condos) should be a great addition to the city.

W Hotel Boston Construction

W Hotel Boston Construction

Boston W Hotel & Condos Construction Photos

The Rock Opera plays on in the background as the to-be sleek Boston W Hotel & Condos continue to dig deeper into Stuart Street. One of the most popular items on this blog is information related to the Boston W Hotel, there’s absolutely an undertone of buzz and anticipation related to the project.

We were the first to bring you exclusive construction photos, including some unique rooftop shots of the entire construction site (see Boston W Hotel and Condos). Construction has progressed, but unlike the Bryant on Columbus which is now moving up (see Bryant on Columbus Turns the Heat On), the Boston W is still going subterranean – check out the exclusive photos below.

Boston W Hotel & Condos

The Boston W is currently scheduled for a late 2009 opening. Officials connected with the project are declining to comment on specifics at this time, so no floor plan and/or pricing information is available. We have begun to formulate a list of interested Buyers, and if you would like to be added so that you will receive updated information as it becomes available, feel free to contact us using the link at the top of this page.

Boston W Hotel & Condos

Boston W Hotel and Condos

For more recent articles on the Boston W Hotel & Condos, click on the Boston W Hotel Condos tag above.  Additionally, now that the sales center is open, contact us for more information about setting up an appointment.

Just when you thought (or rather, you are being fed the message by the popular press) that the housing market is in a downturn, Boston goes and breaks ground on a $200 million development that will change the skyline of the Theater District, and inject true upscale class and style in living accommodations for visitors and residents of Boston.

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