Battery Wharf Condo Pricing

We have been receiving multiple inquiries lately from clients who are in the market to buy at, or are currently looking to sell their current downtown Boston condo and make a move to, Battery Wharf, along Boston’s Waterfront in the North End.

The question that we most often receive is something along the lines of “we have a budget of $X, can you share with us what is available in this range at Battery Wharf and help arrange a tour”. It’s well known that units at this new high-end development command a high price per square foot, with price tags starting in the high six figures. Here’s a rundown of units that are remaining at the (now open) Battery Wharf condo development according to the Boston MLS:

  • Unit 2305, 933 square feet, $825,000, 1 bed 1.5 baths
  • Unit 2303, 923 square feet, $825,000, 1 bed 1.5 baths
  • Unit 2403, 923 square feet, $825,000, 1 bed 1.5 baths
  • Unit 2405, 952 square feet, $825,000, 1 bed 1.5 baths
  • Unit 2307, 959 square feet, $825,000, 1 bed 1.5 baths
  • Unit 2301, 923 square feet, $825,000, 1 bed 1.5 baths
  • Unit 3306, 977 square feet, $1,150,000, 1 beds 1.5 baths
  • Unit 3601, 1,130 square feet, $1,295,000, 1 beds 1.5 baths
  • Unit 4409, 1,375 square feet, $1,650,000, 1 beds 1.5 baths
  • Unit 4503, 1,620 square feet, $1,795,000, 2 beds 2.5 baths
  • Unit 3403, 1,625 square feet, $1,850,000, 2 beds 2.5 baths
  • Unit PH4609, 1,400 square feet, $1,925,000, 2 beds 2 baths
  • Unit 4603, 1,802 square feet, $2,500,000, 2 beds 2.5 baths
  • Unit 3610, 1,745 square feet, $3,000,000, 2 beds 2.5 baths
  • Unit 3311, 2,039 square feet, $3,695,000, 3 beds 2.5 baths

Over the past several months, sales to list price ratios have average close to 98%, a very strong number. For a complete listing package of information on the above-mentioned luxury units at Battery Wharf, including photos, HOA fees, and parking information, please contact us.

Regent Hotel Splits from Battery Wharf

In a rather quiet fashion, the new ultra luxury Battery Wharf condo development had its grand opening, and has seen approximately 60% of its Waterfront inventory sell (more to come on available units). Perhaps in an even less publicized manner, the once planned Boston Regent Hotel will no longer occupy the onsite hotel space at the Battery Wharf development.

It is said that due to “philosophical differences” on strategies for the project, RBW LLC, the owner of the Battery Wharf development, and Carlson Hotels Management Corporation (Carlson owns and manages the Regent brand, as well as Park Plaza and Radisson), have gone their separate ways. RBW is now in negotiations with other hotel operators to manage the new hotel space.

Battery Wharf has raised the bar in the North End Waterfront area with $1,000+ price pre square foot homes, and all of the amenities that come with such a price point. Stay tuned for more news on what hotel brand will join the luxury condos.

When Will Battery Wharf Open?

You’ve seen the ads in various magazines and newspapers, the one looking out over Boston Harbor with a caption alluding to “this view is taken”, you guessed it, none other than Battery Wharf. An update regarding the opening of these luxury condos along the Waterfront is that the first residential units are scheduled to close late February or early March. There is an existing inventory of 44 units, starting at just over a million dollars (60 units are Under Agreement).


Battery Wharf Pushes Out Occupancy Date

The development team at Battery Wharf recently announced that they are pushing their occupancy date back from December 2007 until “1st Quarter of 2008”.

Hard hat tours are now possible in the 104-unit luxury development along the North End’s Waterfront (contact us for more details). Battery Wharf will be the sister development of the Regent Hotel, which is also scheduled for a 2008 opening. Residents of Battery Wharf will be able to enjoy many of the same amenities as the upscale hotel.

Announcement of the delay was made public on December 1st.

45 Province Catches On

It’s been just over a month since we spoke about the ingenuity of live construction web cams at condo developments (see 1330 Boylston Mixed-Use Rental Development), or perhaps, their lack in the Boston market. One of the first mainstream developments to implement a live construction cams was Battery Wharf, when over a year ago, they implemented a mechanism where Buyers that had put a unit under reservation could keep tabs on how things where progressing at the job site.

Not only do Buyers who hold reservations at a new development want to see progress of their purchase, but potential Buyers and even those in the community tell us that a live construction cam overlooking the construction site is an innovative way to communicate with the Boston real estate market.

The development team at 45 Province must have heard the noise on the street, because they have installed a live construction cam recently (thank you to John Keith for bringing this to our attention). 45 Province is a development of The Abbey Group, and is being architected by Bruner/Cott & Associates.

So who is doing it? Unfortunately, only a handful of Boston condo developments have taken the leap:

  • Battery Wharf – if you can wait through their rather slow flash-based website to load at, there will be a a link in the far left column of the landing page called “Click For Site Camera”. This link serves up 10 distinct views of the development site, all live, featuring the buildout of the Battery Wharf condo development, as well as the Regent Hotel.
  • 1330 Boylston – the mixed-use rental developments seem to be quite popular in the Fenway as of late, and 1330 Boylston is no different. We reported almost a month ago that this development was hosting a new webcam, the camera being perched atop a neighboring high rise, providing an excellent vantage point on the development.
  • FP3 Boston – the coveted anchor development in the Seaport District has implemented something similar to Battery Wharf in that they provide three separate shots of the development. The pictures are located by navigating to the developer’s website, clicking “Enter Site” on the lower left, hovering over the “Building” link title along the top of the screen, and then selecting the “Webcam” link. The FP3 Boston condo development is currently slated for a 2nd Quarter 2008 completion, and will add almost 100 high-end condos to the core of the Seaport, as well as an upscale restaurant.
  • 45 Province – the long awaited 45 Province condo development, which bull-dozed the famous Littlest Bar of Boston is the most recent addition to the live construction cam club by hosting a single (rather tight) view of construction at

We hope to see this list grow considerably over the upcoming months. There are a number of new condo developments in various stages of build, and adding a webcam is a simple and effective way to allow an engaging relationship to flourish.

Battery Wharf Regent Names General Manager

The Regent Boston at Battery Wharf has named François Thomas as the hotel General Manager. Located on Boston’s historic North End waterfront, The Regent Boston Hotel is the newest property in the Regent Hotels & Resorts group, and the company’s first hotel in the Northeast. The Hotel is part of the Battery Wharf 104-unit residential luxury condo development that is slated for occupancy late this year.

François Thomas has a long history of managing successful and elegant hotels, we welcome him to Boston, and wish him well. The Battery Wharf Regent Hotel is scheduled to open in Spring 2008.

Battery Wharf Luxury Waterfront Condos

We have received quite a few requests regarding the luxury condo-hotel development at Battery Wharf on Boston’s Waterfront in the North End – unfortunately, there is not a lot of real time concrete information out in the market on this development, so we thought we’d shed a little light on the subject. Battery Wharf is continuing the tradition sparked by the Intercontinental Boston, the Boston W Hotel & Condos, the Ritz Carlton Towers, and others of a luxury condo-hotel lifestyle (i.e. you have the perks of staying at a five-star hotel, but you also have the feeling of home). The lifestyle and living choice is appealing to a broad spectrum of buyers, anywhere from young professionals to retired couples.

Battery Wharf, which sits at 377 Commercial Street near the foot of the North End’s famed Hanover Street along the Boston Harbor, is a mixed-use development featuring 104 hotel serviced residential condos, a 150-room luxury Regent hotel, an 18,000 square foot spa by Guerlain, a marina, a 7,500 square foot restaurant and bar offering Waterfront views featuring “Cuisine Extraordinaire” by three star Michelin chef Guy Martin, a 24-hour valet parking service available at several pickup and dropoff locations throughout the premise serving the 376-space garage, and a Coast Guard museum. Invite friends to visit via private water taxi service, which serves Boston Logan Airport in 7 minutes, as well as other destinations along the Waterfront.

The exclusive photo below was recently taken on the water in Boston Harbor. You can see that construction is moving along nicely with the development now looking quite similar to the architect’s rendering at the bottom of this post. Water taxi service will be around the corner from the right-hand pier outcropping, with the Coast Guard station being on the far right.

Battery Wharf Condos

Including the Regent Hotel, Battery Wharf will be comprised of four buildings and will feature a 300 linear foot marina. As the Improper Bostonian put it, this is truly luxe living at its finest. Staff at the Battery Wharf development say that condo room-service will even leave a mint on your pillow if you want.

Getting down to brass tax, here is the shakedown of the current status: the buildout of residential condos is approximately 75% complete, of the 104 condos at Battery Wharf, 55 are under Purchase and Sales Agreements, and the 56th unit is going under reservation next week, which means, there is a good selection of floor plans and options still remaining. Still available are units ranging in size from 974 square feet to 2,430 square feet, and in price from $1,150,000 to $3,200,000 – views, floor level, and size typically define the different price points in between.

The development is currently on schedule, units will be released to early buyers sometime during December 2007. For those on the back end of reservations, and for those who reserve now, you can plan for a January or February 2008 occupancy date. The Regent Hotel will aim for an early Spring grand opening, however, a final date has not yet been ironed out, they are, however, announcing the General Manager of the hotel sometime in the next two weeks (see recent Regent Boston Hotel at Battery Wharf General Manager announcement).

For more information, please contact us, we would be happy to arrange a visit to the sales center, and a first-hand look at what they are calling, Utopia Engineered.

Battery Wharf Luxury Waterfront Condos

Battery Wharf Condos

Luxury Boston Waterfront Condos

Boston never ceases to amaze, as the craze for ultra luxurious living options continues to mount in Boston, especially along the Waterfront. The InterContinental Residences and Battery Wharf Condos are no slouches when it comes to catering to your every desire.

The Battery Wharf Condos are back on track for 2007 completion, and they are looking nice – especially considering its full service spa and on-site chef! It’s been said that these condo / hotel combinations (Battery Wharf being affiliated with the Regent Boston hotel) highlights service as part of a living environment (at a cost though).

Battery Wharf Condos

From great Boston Harbor views to luxury hotel amenities at your fingertips, Boston is pushing the $1,000 per square foot mark with The InterContinental Residences, which are built on top of the new InterContinental Hotel on Boston’s Waterfront near Fort Point Channel.

InterContinental Boston Residences

Is Boston simply trying to catch up with New York? A recent Boston Globe article called The Manhattanization of Boston quotes the following:

“The Boston market typically tracks the New York market by a three- to four-year delay, says Brian Fallon, developer of the new InterContinental Boston Hotel and Residences at the InterContinental, which opened in November. It is really only this last round of projects that have had a fully edited, refined design sense relating to the interior, coupled with full services akin to a five-star hotel.”

It’s great to see so much development happening all across the city, the investment into beautification of undeveloped and/or distressed areas fuels positivity – at MassInc’s most recent Real Talk forum, Boston Police Commissioner Davis spoke about “order” in a community, and the positive effects of that, and these Boston condo developments assist in fostering that order.