Boston Condo Development Cream of the Crop

As we draw closure to 2007, it’s time to take a look at some of the top available options for 2008 in Boston condo developments. It’s actually quite difficult to single out the cream of the crop in the downtown Boston market because there are so many options for Buyers currently as great product continues to hit the market, and let’s face it, different developments suit different needs and lifestyles. With there being truly a large number of gems in the core downtown market, we are unfortunately skipping over many top-notch properties. We’ll continue to cover the entire market with in depth features, but, here is our short all around list, with straight-forward honest talk, for 2008.

  • Court Square Press – the Court Square Press building in northern South Boston has a good historical story, but it may be the recent completion of its sister property, the Macallen, that catapults Court Square Press itself to our list. With the completion of the Macallen, the concierge-served residents of Court Square Press now have access to an absolutely gorgeous 20,000 square foot plaza with grills and a lap pool, as well as a high-end screening room with kitchen and bathroom that can be reserved by residents for private parties. Many units in Court Square Press feature loft-style brick and beam living, and recent upgrades to the in-house fitness center are stellar. Some of the only drawbacks to Court Square Press are some units receive poor light, and some residents have voiced concern over noise cancellation, however, apparent concerns have decreased significantly in this area. In the past, location may have been called a drawback to this development, however, there are multiple condo developments that are popping up adjacent to Court Square Press, and this is driving commercial entry into the area, turning northern South Boston into one of the hottest areas of the city.
  • Bryant on Columbus – we’re going out on a limb in placing the Bryant on the list, namely because it is not complete yet. Nevertheless, the Bryant will offer lauded three-bedroom floor-through units with soaring ceilings and high-end amenities. The location will put you on the border of the neighborhood feel of the South End, and the “city living” surrounding Copley Square. Good inventory remains in the building, so great choices are still available at the Bryant, with an anticipated completion date of August 2008. Potential owners still need to consider heavily the location of their unit, and the natural light that will be available – the units will have excellent southern exposure, but will be in close proximity to the large 131 Dartmouth building behind it. Outside of a lack of multiple exposure windows, the only remaining drawbacks to the Bryant could be a 5-day concierge (however, HOA fees are substantially lower than similar direct-elevator luxury buildings), and the lack of excellent city views.
  • 44 Snow Hill – this was a five-unit high-end renovation of a classic North End property. The last of the units sold in late July 2007, and we’ll need to keep our ears to the ground for a resale opportunity at this boutique development. Superb craftsmanship and exquisite finishes highlight the property. With only a two minute walk to the Waterfront, high ceilings, modern kitchens, and superb baths, 44 Snow Hill will be a diamond in the rough for a long time to come. Perhaps the only drawbacks to these units would be the laundry being communal in the basement, rather than having in-unit facilities, and parking is available for rent across the street rather than direct access.
  • Meads of Commonwealth – we’ve written a fair bit about the Meads of Commonwealth, and for good reason, it is one of the finest properties in west end of the Back Bay. The quality of these units are unparalleled, the fixtures and amenities are truly spectacular. The units at the Meads are flowing floor-throughs, many with superb entry ways, and all with direct elevator access. What’s missing, well, perhaps a concierge, which for a property of this caliber, has been overlooked. The location of this boutique high-end development could be looked at as a minus, with it being away from the hustle and bustle of Newbury Street shopping or the tranquility of the Public Garden.

No list is going to be perfect. Bottom line, the condo options available across the core of downtown Boston are stellar, all of them accommodating different needs and lifestyles through various amenity levels. For more information on the above-mentioned developments, or to discuss any of those we did not cover in this blog post, feel free to contact us.

44 Snow Hill Condos Sold Out

It was somewhat of a long time coming, including a change in listing brokerages, and some price reductions, but the 5-unit new luxury redevelopment at 44 Snow Hill in the North End is now sold out.

We’ve featured 44 Snow Hill several times as one of the best, and most reasonably priced, North End condo developments due to its craftsmanship and attention to detail. The majority of the units sold for over 98% of (the reduced) asking price, and some came with a full year of pre-paid condo fees.

Residents have moved in, and can now enjoy the 90 second (we timed it) walk to the Waterfront. For further details and/or questions on sales at 44 Snow Hill, feel free to contact us, or leave a comment on the blog.

44 Snow Hill

If we were to tell you that there was a small luxury condo development in the North End with the best craftsmanship available, you’d expect that it would be hard to get into the building, wouldn’t you? Well, after being on the market for over 130 days, and going through a price reduction to $499K in May, Unit 3 at 44 Snow Hill is still available.

44 Snow Hill

We’ve featured the development at 44 Snow Hill several times here, and we will continue to do so, because it is one of the most reasonably priced luxury condo developments out of all the new North End condos.

For more information on the two-bedroom, one-bathroom, 723 square foot Unit 3, please contact us.

44 Snow Hill

Boston North End is HOT

Been looking for a 21% return on your investment? Aren’t we all.

If you are shooting for return on your investment, you might want to consider what Boston’s North End has to offer.We took a look at the first five months of 2006 and compared them to the same months in 2007, and the North End saw just over a 21% increase in average condo sales price, and almost a 9% shift upwards in median condo price. Check out the details for yourself.

Our favorite new development (below $1,000 a square foot) in the North End remains 44 Snow Hill. The only unit that remains for sale in the 5-unit gut-rehab is Unit 3, which is the two-bedroom model unit that is on the second floor, being offered at $499,000. 44 Snow Hill is a boutique luxury development in the heart of the North End, and is one of the finest across Boston. If you want to scoop up the final unit, contact us.

44 Snow Hill Condos

44 Snow Hill Condos

Available North End Condos

North End one-bedroom condos were on tap this Sunday as we visited the historic winding streets of Boston’s North End. There are currently 14 one-bedroom units on the market, ranging in price from $239,000 to $789,000, and it’s really a mixed bag of what you will find out there.

Download all 14 North End one-bedroom units that are currently available: North End Condo Details (4.2 MB PDF)

In the North End, you’re oftentimes paying a premium to physically be in the North End – space is tight, the streets are European-like, and it’s a charming place to be. That said, some of the one-bedrooms leave you wanting more.

We visited seven condos, while the first five served as a prelude to the final units on Snow Hill Street…here’s a brief look at the units visited:

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