Allele South Boston Sales Velocity

After opening to residents in 2008, the Allele condo development in South Boston, which fuses standard housing features with those of typical lofts, has been somewhat slow to sell, perhaps a function of maintaining strong price per square foot values, competition from other condo developments in the immediate area that offer different living styles, and even the ups and downs that the financial markets have had on Buyers’ pocket books.

The current sales statistics for the building (below) evidence that the Allele sales team is remaining steadfast in positioning the value and price of the new development, and while the building is less than 20% sold, current residents have not been severely impacted by price reductions to the point where they find themselves stuck with negative equity in their units – a similar protective stance on behalf of early adopters is taking place at FP3 as well.

  • Number of Listings Sold: 9 of 48 (19%)
  • Average Sales Price: $627,889
  • Median Sales Price: $519,000
  • Average Price per Square Foot: $446

Two additional units (107 and 406) are currently Under Agreement, which would bring the percentage of building sold to 23%.  Parking spots in the onsite garage are being marketed as available for sale (and separate from the sale of a condo), and price points for remaining units are being maintained at levels of the previously sold units.

The Allele is not entirely alone in seeing slow sales velocity in the downtown market, however, there are other condo developments in the city (285 Columbus Lofts for instance) that have performed quite well in the volatile financial markets of the past 1.5 years.

Allele Boston Condos

While the new condo developments (Allele, Macallen, Lofts at 36 A) near the Broadway Red Line T-Stop are different on many accounts, HOA fees, and the amenities and services that those fees support, have been something that is talked about at each development, and a side-by-side comparison is warranted in order to ferret out if there are any real differences.

By putting together the below table, we have taken a look at units that are currently on the market at the three developments, and calculated the HOA fees on a price per square foot basis to help facilitate comparison.


HOA Fee / Square Foot

What’s Included



Heat, Hot Water, Gas, Water, Sewer, Master Insurance, Elevator, Landscaping, Snow / Refuse Removal



Heat, Hot Water, Gas, Water, Sewer, Master Insurance, 24-Hour Concierge, Swimming Pool, Elevator, Exterior Maintenance, Landscaping, Snow / Refuse Removal, Recreational Facilities, Exercise Room, Garden Area, Screening Room & Kitchen

Lofts at 36 A


Water, Sewer, Master Insurance, Elevator, Exterior Maintenance, Snow / Refuse Removal

While breaking the numbers down in such a way makes it easy to see that the Lofts at 36 A have the lowest HOA fees on a price per square foot basis, and the Macallen Building the highest among the three, one needs to read between the lines in order to gain a truly fair comparison.  Simply put, the difference in fees is a function of what’s included or covered by that fee, however, it’s a nonlinear comparison.  The Lofts at 36 A truly have low HOA fees, and the construction of the building aids in keeping prices of certain amenities (heat for instance) in check, while on the higher end of the fee structure, the line is somewhat blurred between Allele and the Macallen Building, yet the Macallen Building has, by far, the most comprehensive amenity list in the area.  The energy efficient nature of the Macallen Building obviously helps keep fees low, but the economies of scale, given that the Macallen Building is almost three times the size of Allele, also plays a major role.

Allele South Boston

After much anticipation, the  Franklin  Cafe opened on the ground floor of the Allele, yet, that too has gotten off to a shaky start.  In early January 2009, reports were released that portions of the internal ceiling in the restaurant collapsed.  The incident caused approximately 8  people  to  be transported to the  hospital, none with life  threatening injuries. Boston Fire Spokesman Steve MacDonald stated the Franklin Cafe roof collapse occurred at the 152 Dorchester Avenue location just after 10 pm on January 3, 2009.  MacDonald stated that decorative panels attached to the ceiling may have caused the collapse, though a full investigation is underway.

Allele Condos South Boston Near Completion

Dorchester Avenue in northern South Boston has been a hotbed of activity over the past several years, with multiple condo developments taking shape within a one block radius, including one of the latest developments, Allele.

Allele Boston is a 48-unit high-end condo development (prices start in the $400’s) that sits at the northeast corner of Dorchester Avenue and W 4th Street, opposite the Macallen Building, and adjacent to the Lofts at 36 A. While the Allele development may not feature the same amenities that one would experience with the Macallen / Court Square Press combination across the street, Allele does provide great interior packages (bamboo flooring, Bosch appliances, huge dual showers, etc), large signature bow front units (the 01 floorplan), and private balconies.

allele-condos-9 allele-condos-9-1 allele-condos-south-boston

The exclusive time series photos above show construction nearing completion at Allele.

A model unit on the 4th floor has been open to potential Buyers for several weeks now, allowing you to get a feel for a finished floorplan. As of last week, the developer was still running a promotion where the next 4 units that go Under Agreement will be given a free deeded garage parking space (parking is typically purchased separately for $40K).

A certificate of occupancy is expected in the June / July timeframe. One final note, it is rumored that the ground floor commercial restaurant space will not be occupied by Jae’s Cafe – two other restaurateurs are in talks currently on occupying the space (no names have been officially released).

allele-condos-south-boston- allele-kitchen

Allele Boston Condos Show Progress

One of the Three South Boston Amigos, Allele Boston, is showing significant progress towards its Q1 2008 occupancy target. The best vantage point to view the Allele development is from Dorchester Avenue looking south, where you can get a great view of the rounded bow facade of the building. The exclusive photos below provide a great time series piece on what has been happening over the past several months on the construction progress at Allele.


Allele, meaning hybrid, will be a loft-style condo development at 150 Dorchester Avenue, consisting of 48 units priced between $429,000 and $1,100,000. As you can see from the pictures, terraces accompany most units. Garage parking will be available for $30,000 $40,000.

For more information on Allele Boston, or any other South Boston or Seaport District condo, please contact us.

allele-condos-11 allele-condos-11-1

Allele Condos South Boston

We stopped by the Allele Condos at 150 Dorchester Avenue in South Boston to grab some exclusive new photos of current construction status. Allele is a 48-unit new condo development, currently under construction, located just across the street from the newly opened Macallen Condos and the Court Square Press condos, and adjacent to the Lofts at 36 A.

The Allele condo development is slated for a 2008 completion, and units are currently available (to be reserved). Units start at $429,000 for a one-bedroom, one-bathroom with 979 square feet and a $332 HOA fee – each unit will feature private outdoor space. For more information about Allele Boston, and any other new development in South Boston and beyond, contact us.

Allele Condos South Boston

Allele Condos South Boston

Allele Condos South Boston