No Pets for Macallen Building Renters

Caution to pet owners who are looking to rent an apartment in the Macallen Building, South Boston’s premier green building boasting 140 units with luxury amenities. Building management of the ultra-luxury Gold LEED certified development that was introduced to Boston in 2007 refuses pets for renters based on policies in the HOA’s condominium documents.

Recently, there have been apartments for rent at the Macallen Building that had inaccurate listing details, implying to potential renters that pets are allowed, yet following a standard review process by building management of all renters, the no pet policy for renters becomes explicit.

It’s quite common for condominium developments throughout Boston to have some sort of pet policy in place, oftentimes limiting the number and/or size of pets that are allowed on site, however, the differentiation between owners and renters at a particular building and disparate policies for each is perhaps less common.

Macallen Building Seeks Buyers & Renters

In what seems to be a developing trend, the Macallen Building in South Boston is beginning to offer a sizeable chunk of its remaining inventory (still owned by the developer, Pappas Properties) for rent.  Certain units have been identified as rentals, however, in effect, the entire inventory also remains for-sale, and for-sale prices have been dropped substantially all the way into the $400 per square foot range – in light of the economic downturn, rentals appear to be the best option for the Macallen and their current specials show that they are serious about having them rented fast.

This special rental offer is on the table for renters who choose a 14 month lease, beginning on or around April 1st, and involves two months of free rent – all utilities (even Direct TV), and one garage parking space all included in the rental fee.  It’s extremely rare for a building that offers such a stacked list of amenities and quality to offer such a promotion.  From its newly finished onsite gym to the heated three-season pool on the 20,000 square foot landscaped terrace, to the soon to open gourmet market, the things to do right at the Macallen Building outnumber those in several small New England towns.  Not to mention it’s located right next to the Red Line Broadway T stop  and the Harbor Walk.

Rents start at $2,200 for the one studio that is available, $2,250 for spacious and open loft 1 bedroom units, $3,500 for 2 bedrooms, and $6,900 for the one 3 bedroom currently available.  If you factor in the 2 months free, most of the rents will come down by at least $300 per month effectively, which makes this offer rather compelling for the trendsetting renter to live in one of the most unique buildings Boston has ever seen.