Folio Boston Condos at 80 Broad Street

Oftentimes, at any given point, multiple units are available for sale at Folio, for more information on the current selection including a full price list, or to sell your unit, please contact us.

With so much action happening on Broad Street in Boston’s Financial District, we wanted to take a look at what is currently available at Folio Boston, which is a 14 story new construction luxury development in the heart of the Financial District, just steps from the Waterfront.

Folio opened in March 2006 at 80 Broad Street, and after an auction earlier that year, the building filled quickly, and now we are left with resale opportunities only, which, at this time, provide you a respectable selection.

Folio Boston Condos

The building is quite striking, and offers amenities expected from a luxury development, including a valet-serviced heated parking garage, 24 hour Concierge, floor to ceiling windows in many units, granite counters, high-end finishes, and food delivery from adjacent restaurants.

There are currently six units for sale at Folio Boston, ranging in size from 600 to 1,500 square feet, and in price from $459,000 to $1,299,000. Deeded parking spaces are still available in the building as well, for a price of $80,000 each.
Folio Boston Condos

If you need further information about the Folio condominiums for sale, or you would like to make an offer on an available unit, please contact us.

65 Broad Street Lofts: Open House

We stopped into the 65 Broad Street Lofts tonight for a walk through of the two remaining units (Unit 3 and 4) during the open house. We actually got a peek at all of the units (even the sold ones), and the remaining two units are probably the best of the lot – they have large banks of windows, a flowing floor plan, and a decent amount of storage.

65 Broad Street Financial District Condos

The two remaining units in this direct elevator access six-unit low-rise building are relatively the same, with only a few small differences. Unit 3 has slightly more storage, a stand-up shower stall (rather large), however, the washer and dryer hookup is under the stairs and it would be a tight fit from a height perspective for a stackable washer and dryer. Unit 4 has slightly less storage, no height problem with the washer and dryer hookup, and a jacuzzi shower soaking tub (the slightly deeper kind) rather than a stall shower.

There was a fair amount of traffic through the units. Both remaining units at 65 Broad Street are immediately available for $399K each. Contact us to do a walk through and put in an offer.

BREAKING NEWS: 65 Broad Street Condos Available

Previously reported news that the remaining four units at the 65 Broad Street condo development were going to be “auctioned off” in a unique bidding process (full details here) did not generate the action that the developer wanted, and units are available once again.

The remaining three lofts / condos have been put on the market at a fire sale of $399K each, and one has already gone under agreement. The lofts at 65 Broad Street are newly renovated, have exposed brick, hardwood floors, classy finishes, and direct elevator access.

An open house is going to be held Monday (May 21, 2007) evening, from 5:30 to 7:00 pm, to showcase the remaining 65 Broad Street lofts. For further information, to setup a showing, or make an offer, please contact us.

65 Broad Street Condos

65 Broad Street Condos

65 Broad Street Condos

Last Chance for Broad Street Condos

NOTE: Please read the latest news regarding the lofts at 65 Broad Street.

If you’ve had your eye on the loft conversion at 65 Broad Street, you need to act quickly. There were five remaining units as of last week, when an auction took place – the auction sold one of the five units without a reserve or minimum to a private party for $400,000 (or almost $640/foot), and the remaining four units are undergoing a bidding process that ends on Monday April 23, 2007. Should you want to get in on the fun, the process is as follows:

  1. A final showing is booked for Sunday from 1-2PM
  2. All reasonable offers are being entertained
  3. Verbal commitments are acceptable at this time
  4. Best and final written offers will be assembled by 5PM on Monday April 23, 2007
  5. Offers will be presented to the lender on Tuesday morning for acceptance
  6. All offers are subject to lender approval.

Obviously not your typical buying circumstances, but it does make for some great anticipation. Floor plans for the remaining units, as well as pictures of the model unit that sold recently are below.

Floor Plans for Remaining Units at 65 Broad Street:

65 Broad Street Boston Condos

65 Broad Street Boston Condos

65 Broad Street Boston Condos

65 Broad Street Boston Condos

65 Broad Street Boston Condos

Boston Broadluxe Condo Development

At the corner of Franklin and Broad Streets in Boston’s Financial District, the Boston Broadluxe Condominium Development Project will go to market with over forty distinctive condo dwellings.

The Boston Broadluxe will feature fourteen unique floor plans and a plethora of different options for its Boston inhabitants, in an elevator and concierge served building.

Broadluxe Boston Condo Development Project

The Broadluxe of Boston is a stunning new nine-story residential property in the heart of downtown Boston at the intersection of Franklin and Broad Streets. Designed by the Boston firm of Melton Ferre Associates, Broadluxe Condos artfully combines elements of original 19th-century mercantile architecture with a stylish, new contemporary glass and steel addition. The effect is at once familiar, but intriguing, balanced in scale but set firmly in the 21st century.

Floors 7, 8, and 9 of the Broadluxe Condos are sold as shell units, to be finished by the Buyer. Spaces range anywhere from 540 square feet, up to the 1,800 square foot penthouse. Different ceiling heights impact pricing, whereby the 6th floor units have the most economical pricing based upon 8 foot ceilings. Pre-construction units are available. There are currently possibilities for the combination of some units, which would create a larger living space for the Buyer.