Battery Wharf Condo Pricing

We have been receiving multiple inquiries lately from clients who are in the market to buy at, or are currently looking to sell their current downtown Boston condo and make a move to, Battery Wharf, along Boston’s Waterfront in the North End.

The question that we most often receive is something along the lines of “we have a budget of $X, can you share with us what is available in this range at Battery Wharf and help arrange a tour”. It’s well known that units at this new high-end development command a high price per square foot, with price tags starting in the high six figures. Here’s a rundown of units that are remaining at the (now open) Battery Wharf condo development according to the Boston MLS:

  • Unit 2305, 933 square feet, $825,000, 1 bed 1.5 baths
  • Unit 2303, 923 square feet, $825,000, 1 bed 1.5 baths
  • Unit 2403, 923 square feet, $825,000, 1 bed 1.5 baths
  • Unit 2405, 952 square feet, $825,000, 1 bed 1.5 baths
  • Unit 2307, 959 square feet, $825,000, 1 bed 1.5 baths
  • Unit 2301, 923 square feet, $825,000, 1 bed 1.5 baths
  • Unit 3306, 977 square feet, $1,150,000, 1 beds 1.5 baths
  • Unit 3601, 1,130 square feet, $1,295,000, 1 beds 1.5 baths
  • Unit 4409, 1,375 square feet, $1,650,000, 1 beds 1.5 baths
  • Unit 4503, 1,620 square feet, $1,795,000, 2 beds 2.5 baths
  • Unit 3403, 1,625 square feet, $1,850,000, 2 beds 2.5 baths
  • Unit PH4609, 1,400 square feet, $1,925,000, 2 beds 2 baths
  • Unit 4603, 1,802 square feet, $2,500,000, 2 beds 2.5 baths
  • Unit 3610, 1,745 square feet, $3,000,000, 2 beds 2.5 baths
  • Unit 3311, 2,039 square feet, $3,695,000, 3 beds 2.5 baths

Over the past several months, sales to list price ratios have average close to 98%, a very strong number. For a complete listing package of information on the above-mentioned luxury units at Battery Wharf, including photos, HOA fees, and parking information, please contact us.

Financial District Broadluxe Auction 2008

As you know, Broadluxe, a 44-unit condo development in the heart of the Financial District of Boston has gone through a roller coaster of a ride over the past several years. From full steam ahead to foreclosure (see Broadluxe Financial District Condo Update), and now, what looks like auction.

We spoke with our contacts at TD Banknorth (current owner of the entire development after it was foreclosed upon) regarding Broadluxe, and they have confirmed that construction is near completion, and units at 105 Broad Street will go to auction in the near future.

We’ll bring you more information here at the Boston Condo Blog as it becomes available.


When Will Battery Wharf Open?

You’ve seen the ads in various magazines and newspapers, the one looking out over Boston Harbor with a caption alluding to “this view is taken”, you guessed it, none other than Battery Wharf. An update regarding the opening of these luxury condos along the Waterfront is that the first residential units are scheduled to close late February or early March. There is an existing inventory of 44 units, starting at just over a million dollars (60 units are Under Agreement).


Battery Wharf Pushes Out Occupancy Date

The development team at Battery Wharf recently announced that they are pushing their occupancy date back from December 2007 until “1st Quarter of 2008”.

Hard hat tours are now possible in the 104-unit luxury development along the North End’s Waterfront (contact us for more details). Battery Wharf will be the sister development of the Regent Hotel, which is also scheduled for a 2008 opening. Residents of Battery Wharf will be able to enjoy many of the same amenities as the upscale hotel.

Announcement of the delay was made public on December 1st.

Broadluxe Financial District Condo Update

For the most up to date Broadluxe condo auction information, see Broadluxe condo auction.

We are continuing to stay close to the Broadluxe development in Boston’s Financial District at 99-105 Broad Street as it moves closer to completion, and perhaps more importantly, available for sale.

TD Banknorth foreclosed on the property several months back, and they brought in Union Construction (a greater-Boston company) to finish off outstanding construction. As of Monday morning, TD Banknorth communicated to us that they were approximately 30 – 45 days out from construction completion. What remains up in the air are title issues that TD Banknorth absorbed when they foreclosed on the property.

Until TD Banknorth can work through the outstanding title issues with the title company, they are not in a position to convey individual units to Buyers (i.e. no units have been sold yet, and none will be until title issues can be cleared). At this point, there is no clear and concise answer as to when the title issues will be handled. TD Banknorth appeared excited that Boston Condo Guy has several interested Buyers, and wished they could convey units immediately.

If you have continued interest in the Broadluxe condo development, please contact us so that we can stay connected with you as things move closer to completion.

Broadluxe condo development

Broadluxe condo development

65 Broad Street Lofts SOLD OUT

The redevelopment of the small six-story five-unit Financial District condo development at 65 Broad Street is now sold out. Unit 5, which was the model unit in the direct elevator access boutique development, received an Offer and is progressing through the purchase process. The lofts at 65 Broad Street went down a rather rocky road in closing out all of the available units, from being listed with multiple real estate brokerages, to even trying to take the units to auction. Some would say that none of the tactics really worked, however, originally pricing the units up in the $500K range did not get things started on the right foot.

Once all remaining units were knocked down to $399,000 each, traffic and showings picked up, and the last unit had multiple pursuers. Not surprising, given that the least expensive property on the market in the Financial District is $603,000 (a large one-bedroom at the Richmond Lofts development). The 65 Broad Street lofts were a relief in a neighborhood with little to no inventory under $600K, especially units with solid craftsmanship.

The five units at 65 Broad Street are very well done, with gleaming hardwoods, exposed brick and beams, luxury bathrooms, stainless steel kitchens with granite countertops, and high-end video-enabled intercom systems. Property inspections on the units have been quite clean. With Folio Boston and Broadluxe right down the street, 65 Broad Street is positioned well for gains in equity.

The only hope at the moment of getting into the development any time in the near future would be to go after Unit 4, which is being held by the Developer as a short term rental unit. The unit is not on the market for sale, but strong offers would more than likely be considered. For more information, please contact us.

Financial District Broadluxe Condos Back on Track

Just when you thought that Broadluxe was down for the count, it has picked itself up, swept away the dust, and is moving towards a November 2007 completion. The Broadluxe condo development in Boston’s Financial District fell on hard times earlier this year when it was foreclosed upon by TD Banknorth, at which time the building went dormant.

We captured the below picture back in late May 2007, when you could hear crickets on the job site at 99-105 Broad Street.

Broadluxe Boston Financial District Condos

Fast forward to the present, as TD Banknorth recently brought in Union Construction, a Boston-based company, to finish the buildout at the Broadluxe job site. According to sources at Union Construction, construction has resumed and TD Banknorth is paying their bills.

We’ve been on the job for about seven weeks now, and things are going perfectly. 34 units on floors two through six should be done in November,” says the job foreman from Union Construction.

We stopped by the job site, and despite not being let in because our hats were not hard enough, the guys at Union Construction were great. They spent some time talking with us about how the project has been going. Overall, they seem quite upbeat, and heads down on making units available for the November 2007 occupancy date.

The 10 units remaining on floors 7, 8, and 9 were to be left as open loft space, however, an architect has now been brought in to create plans in order to finish the units off. These latter 10 units are scheduled to be finished after the initial November 2007.

The Broadluxe Sales Office main phone number still goes unanswered, and Dana Wedge from TD Banknorth, did not return calls to provide the “owner” perspective. Should you be interested in Broadluxe, please contact us, we would be happy to keep you informed of the status and provide buyer representation in securing a reservation for a unit when TD Banknorth releases them to the market.

Broadluxe will round out the Financial District’s Broad Street, which already is home to Folio Boston and the 65 Broad Street Lofts.

Broadluxe Boston Financial District Condos

Battery Wharf Luxury Waterfront Condos

We have received quite a few requests regarding the luxury condo-hotel development at Battery Wharf on Boston’s Waterfront in the North End – unfortunately, there is not a lot of real time concrete information out in the market on this development, so we thought we’d shed a little light on the subject. Battery Wharf is continuing the tradition sparked by the Intercontinental Boston, the Boston W Hotel & Condos, the Ritz Carlton Towers, and others of a luxury condo-hotel lifestyle (i.e. you have the perks of staying at a five-star hotel, but you also have the feeling of home). The lifestyle and living choice is appealing to a broad spectrum of buyers, anywhere from young professionals to retired couples.

Battery Wharf, which sits at 377 Commercial Street near the foot of the North End’s famed Hanover Street along the Boston Harbor, is a mixed-use development featuring 104 hotel serviced residential condos, a 150-room luxury Regent hotel, an 18,000 square foot spa by Guerlain, a marina, a 7,500 square foot restaurant and bar offering Waterfront views featuring “Cuisine Extraordinaire” by three star Michelin chef Guy Martin, a 24-hour valet parking service available at several pickup and dropoff locations throughout the premise serving the 376-space garage, and a Coast Guard museum. Invite friends to visit via private water taxi service, which serves Boston Logan Airport in 7 minutes, as well as other destinations along the Waterfront.

The exclusive photo below was recently taken on the water in Boston Harbor. You can see that construction is moving along nicely with the development now looking quite similar to the architect’s rendering at the bottom of this post. Water taxi service will be around the corner from the right-hand pier outcropping, with the Coast Guard station being on the far right.

Battery Wharf Condos

Including the Regent Hotel, Battery Wharf will be comprised of four buildings and will feature a 300 linear foot marina. As the Improper Bostonian put it, this is truly luxe living at its finest. Staff at the Battery Wharf development say that condo room-service will even leave a mint on your pillow if you want.

Getting down to brass tax, here is the shakedown of the current status: the buildout of residential condos is approximately 75% complete, of the 104 condos at Battery Wharf, 55 are under Purchase and Sales Agreements, and the 56th unit is going under reservation next week, which means, there is a good selection of floor plans and options still remaining. Still available are units ranging in size from 974 square feet to 2,430 square feet, and in price from $1,150,000 to $3,200,000 – views, floor level, and size typically define the different price points in between.

The development is currently on schedule, units will be released to early buyers sometime during December 2007. For those on the back end of reservations, and for those who reserve now, you can plan for a January or February 2008 occupancy date. The Regent Hotel will aim for an early Spring grand opening, however, a final date has not yet been ironed out, they are, however, announcing the General Manager of the hotel sometime in the next two weeks (see recent Regent Boston Hotel at Battery Wharf General Manager announcement).

For more information, please contact us, we would be happy to arrange a visit to the sales center, and a first-hand look at what they are calling, Utopia Engineered.

Battery Wharf Luxury Waterfront Condos

Battery Wharf Condos

One Condo Remains at 65 Broad Street Lofts

We have received several email inquiries lately (unfortunately with incorrect email addresses, so if you have contacted us, please do so again with your verified email address) about the 65 Broad Street Lofts in the Financial District. Only one unit remains (Unit 5) in this development. Priced at $399K, Unit 5 is a direct elevator access unit with exposed brick, renovated hardwoods, and a completely remodeled bathroom. Contact us (with a valid email address) to setup a showing.

65 Broad Street Condo Update

There’s been some buzz around what is available at 65 Broad Street in the Financial District over the last week, with only two units remaining in the building in this 5-unit development (6 units including the commercial space on the ground floor).

Units 4 and 5 remains and is priced at $399K for 632 square feet. Both of these units do not have the large floor to ceiling windows that you get in units 2 and 3. However, the units have nice finishes, and once the Broadluxe gets their act together, Broad Street will be stocked with new developments (65 Broad Street, Folio Boston, and Broadluxe all within a few hundred yards of each other).

Note in the exclusive photo below that the developer has completely remodeled the lower facade of the building, adding some well-needed class to the development with the wood paneling that was chosen.

For more information on the units at 65 Broad Street (Google Map), please contact us.

65 Broad Street Lofts

65 Broad Street Condos