SoWa Boston Condos

So you’ve been considering a condo in the one of the areas of town known for its gentrification, SoWa, which stands for South of Washington Street in Boston’s South End.

Currently, there are a large handful of choices available in the SoWa district:

  1. Worcester Square
  2. Penmark Condos
  3. ArtBlock Harrison
  4. 700 Harrison
  5. SoHa Loft (renamed to the 1850)
  6. Laconia Lofts
  7. Gateway Terrace

And we thought we needed to include two additional condo developments that are on Washington Avenue, but technically, lie on the north side of the street.

  1. Wilkes Passage
  2. Penny Savings Bank

Except for 700 Harrison and SoHa Lofts, units are available in the remaining condo developments are ready for occupancy. For more information on these SoWa Condo Developments, please contact us.