Ritz Carlton Flush with Available Condos

The number of available condos at the Boston Ritz Carlton Towers have continued to tick up over the past several months, with 16 currently available units for sale, and another 6 currently Under Agreement – there has been a lot of action at the luxury Midtown location.

There aren’t too many developments that rival the Ritz in terms of size, and availability of units, perhaps Harbor Towers is the only one (see Interesting Week for Boston Condo Pricing for further commentary on what is happening at Harbor Towers). The Ritz, however, is a classic concierge property that has a strong brand name going for it. Price per square foot is currently all over the map at the Ritz, stretching from $570 to $1,600 (list prices from $699K – $5.295 million).

All Ritz Carlton Listings: Ritz Carlton Condos (23.9 MB PDF with photos)

Why the build up in inventory at the Ritz? Quite possibly we’re seeing such a trend because of the new ultra luxury developments that are hitting the market, be that 45 Province right nearby, the Clarendon Back Bay, Mandarin Oriental, Bryant on Columbus, Battery Wharf, or even the Intercontinental, which is quite similar in genre to the Ritz. The Ritz was built in 2000, so it is a relatively new property, but perhaps does not have the same freshness, ceiling height, amenities, or location of other new developments in downtown Boston. There are many different unit types and styles at the Ritz, yet a fair amount of the units have more of an old world type charm to them versus some of the cleaner lines of more recent developments. Nonetheless, the higher units provide commanding views of the city, the Common, the Charles River, and the Harbor.


  1. With the exception of the higher priced units, the residences at the Ritz Carlton really aren’t anything special. Yes, they have nice hardwood floors and high end appliances, but you really don’t get the ‘wow’ factor when entering the units, as one might expect with the name ‘Ritz-Carlton.’ Still, the location is great, hotel services are a nice perk if you’re into that kind of thing and the onsite SC/LA is a great convenience. To me, they simply look like high end ‘cookie cutter’ rentals, similar to what one might find at Church Park.

  2. These units are poorly constructed. The noise and ventilation systems are horrible and odors travel throughout the building. However, the biggest issue is PLUMBING. Don’t buy any unit on the 18th floor of the North Tower in this building unless you want regular flooding. The floorplans change on the 18th floor as well as the locations of kitchen/baths for the units above and every unit has issues. I lived there and would never return. Over-priced and over-rated. There are much nicer products available with much nices kitchens and baths. D4 in the South End is SUPERIOR to the Ritz Carlton Residences.

  3. I think that the Ritz Carlton is the best place to live in Boston! compare to the Intercontinental and the Mandarin views and prices! I think that resale the prices at the Ritz are still very low compared to the rest of every luxury development in the city!
    The Sports Club LA is a real plus!
    It is a life style for sure!