Now Resale at Sold Out Boston Mandarin Oriental

It was somewhat rare that we had a condo development in downtown Boston completely sell out well before doors even opened, and in some cases, before real construction had even begun (granted, the runway for the project was quite long). However, the Boston Mandarin Oriental not only sold out its boutique 50 units, but now, approximately 10% of the luxury condos are available for resale, before the property has even opened. And given the fire that took place on the property earlier this year (see Fire at Boston Mandarin Oriental), a grand opening has been pushed back from July until Fall 2008 – according to many sources, the damage from the fire was quite minimal.

The Mandarin will be the next hot spot in a rolling inventory of super projects that are hitting the Boston skyline, and will give a boost to the already prestigious Back Bay (see Boston Mandarin Oriental Positive Addition to City).

For more information on the available condos at the Mandarin Oriental (6 MB PDF), or to list your preconstruction unit for sale, contact us for more information using the link at the top of this page.

Boston Mandarin Oriental