New Mobile Phone Real Estate Technology

You have perhaps heard about, or seen, several of the various technologies that listing agents use in order to disseminate information about their listing at the street level. Meaning, on the actual for sale sign will be either a phone number that you can call and get a real-time verbal tour of the home, or perhaps it’s a radio station that you tune your car radio to in order to hear more facts about the home. XAP Realty is taking things to the next level with a new technology based on the use of mobile phone text messaging capabilities.

Text messaging is becoming both a noun and a verb (similar to that of Google), and XAP Realty of Los Angeles, CA has launched a new patent pending mobile phone technology that offers both Buyers and Realtors a unique and innovative way to gather and disseminate information, respectively. Simply put, a Buyer sends a text message to a number on a for sale sign, and they will receive detailed listing information back on their phone instantly.

We sat down with XAP’s Vice President of Sales to hear a little bit more about their new offering.

Boston Condo Blog: What distinguishes your service from virtual tours that you call into at a particular phone number, or tune your car radio to?

XAP Realty: There are two major factors that separate us from other virtual tours.

  1. XAP Realty is meant for individuals who are driving or walking by, and therefore don’t want to spend 2-5 minutes listening to a hotline.
  2. XAP Realty’s solution allows Buyers to save information. Our service allows Buyers to not only save the information instantly, but the information can also be sent to anyone whom the Buyer is conferring with regarding the property (i.e. their Buyer’s Agent).

Boston Condo Blog: Will you be expanding into the Boston market?

XAP Realty: Yes, we do plan on expanding to Boston in the near future. We actually have staff that are Boston University alumni.