New FP3 Boston Condo Photos

The Seaport District of Boston is literally bustling with activity. FP3 Boston is the forerunner for the area, pushing through with development while others have been slowing, and doing a lot of the leg work in marketing the area. FP3 is now aiming for a Q2 2008 occupancy date, and you can see by the exclusive photos below, that construction is moving right along.

FP3 is a Congress Street condo development that includes the renovation of two existing buildings, the construction of a third infill building, and the creation of three upper-level floors set back from the street – all to create 90+ high-end loft-style condos.

Let’s start with the photo immediate below, which provides a good survey, seen from the northwestern end of Congress Street, looking back down towards the new convention center – immediately in the foreground is the fire house, the green mesh to the right of that is the new building being constructed, and the two buildings adjacent to the green meshing are the structures being renovated, thus making up the three building FP3 condo development.

FP3 Boston

The below two photos provide you slightly different angles of the construction, and most importantly, give a glimpse into the three-floor structure that is being constructed on top of the buildings, which will be set back from the street – these are the floors that will house outdoor terraces (see related story FP3 Boston Condos with Outdoor Terraces). For more information on FP3 Boston, please contact us.

FP3 Boston

FP3 Boston


  1. My husband and I went to the sales office open house for FP3 recently and we were really put off by the attitude of the realtor. He acted like we were bums or something. I’m sorry, but in this market, niceness counts. Buyers have a lot of choices and just because we look young (and poor?) doesn’t mean we are. I don’t want to fill out a form telling the realtor at an open house how much I want to spend, thank you very much. Especially in a pre-construction sales office. Just show me what you’ve got and answer my questions. Not impressed with their attitude or his presentation of the development. It seems overpriced for 10 foot ceilings, no views and with rental parking in a nearby building.

  2. You will find the same s*** attitude over at D4 as well. These realtors remind me of salespeople at Neiman Marcus. If you are a 20 year old kid wearing his or her best on a Saturday afternoon and walk into Neiman’s you will have five salespeople at your heels. It doesn’t matter that the LV purse is a fake and the Diesel jeans they’re sporting were purchased on clearance at TJ Max. It also doesn’t seem to matter that they have no money to spend, make a mess of the dressing rooms and drive everyone who is actually there to purchase something out. Many real estate salespeople are just as clueless.

    Then you have people like me; mid-twenties, no kids, lots of disposable cash. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to dress up so I can impress a salesperson so he or she will see that it is worth their time to wait on me. I will simply help myself and then go home and purchase everything on their website so their salespeople don’t earn a cent from my purchases. Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy with real estate. Actually it is. As you said, there is plenty out there. I would write a letter to the developer congratulating them on such successful sales that they can afford to have their salespeople treat you like dirt. I can assure you they will take that very seriously at FP3; sales aren’t exactly common there right now. Then move on.

    (note: there are many fine real estate salespeople out there who don’t have any of the qualities mentioned above. You won’t find them at D4 or FP3 though.)

  3. Couldn’t agree more with the previous posts! Very snotty attitude and presentation – overpriced – no views. I (mid-20s) walked in with my parents on a Sunday and we got the look of wow, these people can’t afford a 1 million dollar unit just because I wasn’t wearing designer clothes. I was told that if I don’t purchase a unit, I’d regret it later. Mind you, I was just looking at a studio. They then had the nerve to say that prices were going to increase come October…couldn’t get a straight answer on appliances (different for studios and 1-beds) as well as potential condo fees. No thanks!!

  4. Thanks guys. I’m glad it wasn’t just us. I thought maybe I had a booger on my face or something. My husband and I are in our mid-late 30s, but I guess we look a lot younger.

    I kept thinking, boy this guy sure doesn’t want to sell us a condo. He treated us a little bit better once we asked a few intelligent questions, but he had already lost us. I thought of writing them a letter, but honestly, why bother? If they’re too obtuse to realize they have a dud working there, it’s not my job to tell them.

    We’ve owned 2 previous homes and are waiting this one out as renters. I never thought I would be so happy to be renting, but it just doesn’t make sense to sink half a million or more for a dinky apartment in a neighborhood that is still “in transition” to use the usual euphemism.

  5. Berkeley Investments, the developer of FP3, have recently established ResMark, an affiliate dedicated to residential solutions. These solutions include on-site marketing and sales. We hope that folks will revisit FP3 to meet our new team, view our residences and enjoy the vibrant neighborhood. We look forward to welcoming you.