Harborview Lawsuits Begin

Thank you to the Boston Business Journal for breaking the news that a first lawsuit has been filed in relation to the failed Harborview at the Navy Yard condo development, the interesting part of this, is that the lawsuit is not coming from upset buyers that got their deposits back and a pat on the back, but from the construction crew that built Harborview, Turner Construction Company.

Essentially, Turner Construction is claiming that Trammel Crow, Harborview’s owner, did not have the money to pay Turner, and Trammel Crow misled Turner into finishing the job (to the tune of $10 million). Unfortunately, that which is surrounding the Harborview project continues to get worse.

The suit highlights the risks of building large-scale condominium projects in Greater Boston’s softening residential real estate market. The market’s turn has prompted some developers, particularly those with properties priced in the midrange, such as HarborView at the Navy Yard, to convert condominium projects into rentals or rethink building condominiums at all.