Condo Prices at InterContinental Boston

How would you like to enjoy the comforts of a home, but the amenities of a hotel? It’s been called the “Manhattanization” of Boston, and the trend is definitely not stopping any time soon. Boston is home to a host of what are known as condo-hotels, a combination of (typically) a five-star hotel with condo residences. The Boston Intercontinental is probably the most recent to open, and it will soon be followed by Battery Wharf (Regent Hotel), and then by the Boston W Hotel & Condos.

The Intercontinental is in a prime location, adjacent to the almost sprouting Greenway, overlooking Boston Harbor and the Fort Point Channel, and a horizon that includes the bustling Seaport District of Boston.

Boston Intercontinental residents have not been disappointed with the amenities, from high-end kitchens, to great light through floor to ceiling windows, not to mention all of the services the hotel provides – it’s a “valet lifestyle” (you heard it here first).

According to the Boston MLS, there are 10 condos remaining at the Intercontinental: View Boston Intercontinental Pricing Details. All of these units do include one deeded garage parking space in the heated underground garage.

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  1. Valet Lifestyle – I like it, sign me up for one of those! 🙂

  2. Most overpriced real estate in Boston. Super luxury prices for below average homes.