Columbus Center Gets Reprieve

It was back on January 8th that we did a feature on Columbus Center (see Will Columbus Center Ever Be Built). At that time, the development team behind Columbus Center were under pressure to secure funding before a January 15, 2008 deadline to secure the necessary funding for the project to continue (after lenders backed away from the deal). January 15th came around, and the decision was postponed, until February 15th.

Recently the South End News (see Turnpike Authority waives Columbus Center deadline for funding) reported that the deadline has now been waived and the development team behind Columbus Center is free to move forward. A lender is not yet in place to pump the needed $500 million into the project, but those involved feel as though everyone is working in good faith, and they’re comfortable moving forward on that notion.

Some people are fans of the Columbus Center condo-hotel development, others are staunch pessimists. Regardless, if and when the development is finally complete, the area will look much better than it currently does, neighbors, however, are more than likely in for a noisy few years if and when construction gets going for real.