Columbus Center Development Begins

The long-awaited Columbus Center condo development has actually begun. However, it’s been in somewhat of stealth mode. Unless you are within a few hundred yards of where the initial probing between Berkeley and Clarendon has begun, you probably would not even know anything has changed.

Nearby residents did voice their concern via a recent article in the Boston Courant that noise and shaking is already being felt. This is somewhat concerning given that true construction has not yet even started. The project will be a multi-phase project: completion of the deck over the turnpike is scheduled to take approximately 2.5 years, and construction of the actual buildings should take at least another year. So we’re looking at an early 2011 completion at the earliest.

We have been working with clients who are showing interest in the purchase of a condo at two nearby developments, namely 285 Columbus Lofts and the Brooke House Residences. Some are voicing concern about having a large-scale construction site quite close to their new home. Construction hours will be limited to a certain schedule during the day, and the developer is committed to working with the community to keep all apprised of schedules and events, however, Columbus Center will be a construction site, and will carry with it the typical things that come with large-scale development (noise, vibrations, etc.).

Exclusive photos of the rather quiet construction site are below. Columbus Center prices and floor plans have not yet been released.