Clarendon Back Bay Condos Looking Up

The much anticipated Clarendon Back Bay condo development appears to have started its upward rise over the past several weeks as the below exclusive pictures and video demonstrate.




The top three photos were taken on February 16th, while the bottom two were taking on March 9th – you can see the start of a structure in the former, and the actual structure beginning in the latter. For exclusive Buyer Agency representation on the advance reservation of a unit at the Clarendon, please contact us.


  1. TonyFromDaBlock says:

    How many stories will it be? Does anyone think it will block the view of the Hancock Tower from the Pope Building?

  2. John Keith says:

    Well, if The Clarendon doesn’t block the view, Columbus Center will!

    The only way to know for sure would be to visit the Pope Building … and wait three years.

  3. I doubt that it will block the view of the Pope Building. I believe the original developer of this property who sold it and his plans a while back lives in the Pope Building. I’m just going to guess that he didn’t design something that would block his own view.

  4. Anthony Longo says:

    The Clarendon will be 31 stories.

    I think there is a good chance it will block the view of the Hancock…but at least it will be a beautiful piece of architecture to look at!