Brockton Rox – Richard Davis of The Real Deal

Back in April, we highlighted the new Flip This House TV show starring Richard Davis, which is called The Real Deal The Real Estate Pros. In the special season opener for the show, Richard Davis made his way up to the Boston area to buy a piece of the Brockton Rox. At first, we had a hard time confirming that this was actually true, however, the Brockton Rox now display Richard as one of the eight Owners of the Brockton Rox on their front-office information page.

The Real Deal The Real Estate Pros TV show, following Richard and his crew, has definitely put out some decent episodes, but truly, it’s a neck-and-neck race for the best Flip This House show between The Real Deal The Real Estate Pros, and Flip This House – Than and Paul. The consistency between the two shows is that they follow around a good group of folks that are having a good time doing what they are doing, and making a good profit to boot. It’s hard not to watch the Flip This House – Montelongo Team, but there’s just something off with this show, you get done watching, and you feel like something shady has happened.