Broadluxe Financial District Condo Update

For the most up to date Broadluxe condo auction information, see Broadluxe condo auction.

We are continuing to stay close to the Broadluxe development in Boston’s Financial District at 99-105 Broad Street as it moves closer to completion, and perhaps more importantly, available for sale.

TD Banknorth foreclosed on the property several months back, and they brought in Union Construction (a greater-Boston company) to finish off outstanding construction. As of Monday morning, TD Banknorth communicated to us that they were approximately 30 – 45 days out from construction completion. What remains up in the air are title issues that TD Banknorth absorbed when they foreclosed on the property.

Until TD Banknorth can work through the outstanding title issues with the title company, they are not in a position to convey individual units to Buyers (i.e. no units have been sold yet, and none will be until title issues can be cleared). At this point, there is no clear and concise answer as to when the title issues will be handled. TD Banknorth appeared excited that Boston Condo Guy has several interested Buyers, and wished they could convey units immediately.

If you have continued interest in the Broadluxe condo development, please contact us so that we can stay connected with you as things move closer to completion.

Broadluxe condo development

Broadluxe condo development


  1. Hello,

    I was wondering how much would the smaller units cost — i have been looking for a loft in boston and this sounds like a good option. is there any parking available?



  2. Boston Condo Guy says:

    TD Banknorth is still working through title issues on the property, and thus, has not released pricing information for the development. If they remain consistent with original pricing (before foreclosure), entry level units would start in the low $400s.