Boston Parking Spots with No Fees

A surprise that Bostonians face when purchasing a parking space in the city is that there are oftentimes monthly fees associated with a spot – an HOA condo fee if you will. In addition to monthly fees, property taxes are sometimes due on a parking space as well (somewhat of a nominal yearly sum, but a sum nonetheless). Can you not simply own something free and clear? What’s the purpose in “owning” something if you have to pay a monthly “rent”?

Oftentimes, the monthly fees for a downtown Boston parking space are understandable, perhaps it’s an all valet garage, or there is a significant level of security in the building that you are paying for. Parking spots off of Commonwealth Avenue in alleys have snow removal services for instance. However, every now and then parking spaces come available that involve no fees whatsoever, an opportunity to own a piece of Boston free and clear.

That is the opportunity that is available at the Midtown Ritz Carlton towers, where two self-park garage parking spaces, with no monthly fees or real estate taxes, are currently available. See our Boston parking spaces page for more information on these two parking spaces, and all other  spots available downtown.


  1. I’m looking for a parking space in Boston, (china town,common,business area)
    please email info. on prices below 60,000