True Back Bay Lofts

We oftentimes get questions from condo buyers about what loft style condo options there are in the Back Bay.  Boston’s Back Bay is considered one of the most premier and desirable neighborhoods to call home, and historical rowhouses and ornate townhomes dominate the tree lined streets.  That said, finding a trendy loft-style condo in the heart of the Back Bay is naturally difficult.

Buyers won’t be able to find a classic exposed brick and beam loft-style condo in the Back Bay, it’s just not really an option.  What condo buyers do have access to is 360 Newbury, which represents probably the most modern and contemporary living option in the Back Bay, and gets you the closest to Back Bay lofts. From the entrance (picture below), and up through the elevator ride to the units with big windows and big views, 360 Newbury exudes the hip, slightly edgy, but luxurious feel of loft-style living.

Turnover in the 54-unit building is relatively low, however, there are currently four units available for sale at 360 Newbury, two one-bedroom units and two two-bedroom units, ranging in size from 869 to 1,626 square feet, and in price from $699,000 to $1,599,000.