65 Broad Street Lofts SOLD OUT

The redevelopment of the small six-story five-unit Financial District condo development at 65 Broad Street is now sold out. Unit 5, which was the model unit in the direct elevator access boutique development, received an Offer and is progressing through the purchase process. The lofts at 65 Broad Street went down a rather rocky road in closing out all of the available units, from being listed with multiple real estate brokerages, to even trying to take the units to auction. Some would say that none of the tactics really worked, however, originally pricing the units up in the $500K range did not get things started on the right foot.

Once all remaining units were knocked down to $399,000 each, traffic and showings picked up, and the last unit had multiple pursuers. Not surprising, given that the least expensive property on the market in the Financial District is $603,000 (a large one-bedroom at the Richmond Lofts development). The 65 Broad Street lofts were a relief in a neighborhood with little to no inventory under $600K, especially units with solid craftsmanship.

The five units at 65 Broad Street are very well done, with gleaming hardwoods, exposed brick and beams, luxury bathrooms, stainless steel kitchens with granite countertops, and high-end video-enabled intercom systems. Property inspections on the units have been quite clean. With Folio Boston and Broadluxe right down the street, 65 Broad Street is positioned well for gains in equity.

The only hope at the moment of getting into the development any time in the near future would be to go after Unit 4, which is being held by the Developer as a short term rental unit. The unit is not on the market for sale, but strong offers would more than likely be considered. For more information, please contact us.