65 Broad Street Condo Update

There’s been some buzz around what is available at 65 Broad Street in the Financial District over the last week, with only two units remaining in the building in this 5-unit development (6 units including the commercial space on the ground floor).

Units 4 and 5 remains and is priced at $399K for 632 square feet. Both of these units do not have the large floor to ceiling windows that you get in units 2 and 3. However, the units have nice finishes, and once the Broadluxe gets their act together, Broad Street will be stocked with new developments (65 Broad Street, Folio Boston, and Broadluxe all within a few hundred yards of each other).

Note in the exclusive photo below that the developer has completely remodeled the lower facade of the building, adding some well-needed class to the development with the wood paneling that was chosen.

For more information on the units at 65 Broad Street (Google Map), please contact us.

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