45 Province Boston Condo Development Photos

Boston’s latest Midtown luxury condo development, 45 Province, is steaming towards completion – target completion is April / May 2009. We’re excited to bring you the below exclusive time-series photos provided by one of our readers, Peter Carpi. You’ll see in the first photo below the crane rising over the soon-to-be structure of 45 Province, while the second photo displays significant progress made on the core of the 45 Province structure.

Check out these 45 Province sample listings (133 KB PDF) to get a feel for unit pricing, square footage and amenities. For more information, or to setup a tour of the 45 Province sales office, please contact us.




  1. Anthony Longo says:

    We just did a deal with one of our clients @ 45 Province. The construction is certainly coming along (well they have Suffok behind it) so of course they are on schedule!

    Looking to see what your views may look like? Take a sneak peek tour in the Nine Zero Hotel penthouse rooms to get like-kind views of what some of the higher floors will get!