$100K Price Changes at D4 Condos

For a current view of availability at D4, contact us using the link at the top of this page.

Of the seven available D4 condos listed on the Boston MLS, four of them saw $100,000 price changes this week. This is following similar reductions that took place in 2007. This puts some units in the luxury South End development in the $750 per square foot range. One unit, Unit 6, a 2,147 square foot unit is now priced at $558 per square foot, rather unprecedented (note that the removal of parking spaces from some listings (valued at $90K) constitutes the bulk of the current price changes, somewhat skewing the numbers).


  1. Kristin Dewey says:

    Your information on D4 is incorrect.
    There are 6 remaining units,
    The 90K parking spaces were backed out of the price – therefore people will have the option to buy parking in addition to.
    The prices were reduced by only 10k each.

  2. Boston Condo Guy says:

    There are six (6) Developer units still available at D4, and one (1) resale unit available, for a total of seven (7) – according to MLSpin (Boston MLS).

  3. I suppose you can spin this any way you like, but it’s still a reduction in price. How long have these units been on the market?

  4. Boston Condo Guy says:

    Megan, it depends on when the listing agent released the unit on behalf of the Developer, and thus, it varies. The remaining 6 Developer units have Days on Market (DOM) anywhere from 97 to 450 – according to MLSpin (Boston MLS).

  5. I was looking to buy this year but am going to wait it out until ’09 to see where the market stands at that point. I do have to thank you for this wonderful resource you’ve put together. It’s nice having all of this information in one place. I can now track what is, and is not selling in the different neighborhoods and get a preview of the spaces.

  6. I am moving to Boston in the summer and am looking for a condo in a nice area but close to Brigham and Women’s hospital. Any suggestions?

  7. Marcelo says:

    Does anyone know what’s happening with the D4 condos?

  8. Boston Condo Guy says:

    They’re down to 3 developer units remaining. Anything specific you wanted to know? We’ve spent time in the development with several clients lately.

  9. Marcelo says:

    Yes, We are interested in talking with the “developer” sales person about one of their units. We’ve called their office to no avail.

  10. boston red sox fan says:

    It was only a matter of time for prices to drop with the market the way it is. I just started my condo search so I will have to look into these.

  11. I’m interested in your opinion of why the other units aren’t selling. It’s a great building. Overpriced in this market? And how do you compare this building to other new ones like 285 Columbus?